How To Keep Your Drains Stink Free

No one likes the stinky drains. Usually stinky drains are the result of a buildup of organic matter. But mold and dead animals close to the drains also cause your drains to smell. The causes of smelly drains are:

  • Standing water - Stagnating water creates a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria and mold. This cannot be prevented but cleaning the drain on a regular basis may prevent the bacteria and mold from spreading.
  • Degrading pipes - Pipes can also degrade with the time which causes terrible odor and the growth of bacteria and mildew further make the odor problem worse. Scraps from corroded and broken down pipe can even clog the drain.
  • Organic particles – Organic particle like food scraps can drain down and blocks your drain. This food particle is then used by the bacteria and molds which is the main cause of the odors in your drain.
  • Detergents and soaps – Regular usage of soaps and detergent can cause the chemical buildup which when breaks down gives rise to terrible odor.
  • The issue with your sewer line – A broken and damaged sewer line also causes the bad odor. Sewer lines carry the dirty water to the municipal sewer system. So when it is blocked or broken the sewer gas can escape and enter your home through drains.
  • P-trap - If only one drain is smelly, then probably the problem is with the p-trap. The p-trap is the curved section under the sink. It captures the water which plugs the bad smell coming back to the pipe. The drain which usually has not been used for quite a long time stinks so pouring water in the drain for the restoration of the water is the best way to keep your drains free from bad odors.
  • Venting pipes – Venting pipes function to prevent the sewer gases from entering your home. These pipes remove the backflow of the bad smell and take them up to the roof. So when these pipes get clogged with the debris the sewer gas reaches back to the home.

Keep stink free drains

Keeping your drains free from the odor is not a difficult task. But when you find that nothing is working calling a local plumber for the job is the best thing to do. Plumbing services provided by your plumber will be good to keep the stinky drains at bay.

Here are few tips that can help you in keeping your drains fresh:

  • Pour baking soda into the drain and then wait for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes pour vinegar in the drain. Wait for next 10 minutes before running the water in the drain.
  • Bathroom and kitchen drains are very easy to rectify. These drains are generally smelly because of the trapped organic waste like hairs, fats, and grease. The problem can be easily solved by filling up the sink with bleach and hot water for few minutes before allowing the water to drain in the pipes. In place o bleach, baking soda and white vinegar can also be used. Though it is less powerful than bleach, it should clear up the major obstruction.
  • Blocked sewers are also the odor producing. Flushing down the cotton buds, diapers, cooking fats and sanitary napkins causes the sewer to clog. This case usually requires de-clogging. Calling a professional like Glendale Plumber for the job is very important. A professional plumber will do the CCTV inspection of the sewer to find out about the condition of your sewer.
  • Regular usage of the appliances without properly cleaning the drainage system can also cause the bad odors. Specialized cleaners can be used to clean the build up in the drain.
  • Using drain strainer will prevent the solid matter from going down in the drain. Hence, it will help in preventing the organic buildup in the drain.